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Blue. It’s the color of first place and the color of winners. Blue is as limitless as the sky and as vast as the ocean. It’s about seeing endless possibilities where others see obstacles and embracing the future with open arms. It’s having the courage to dream big and the boldness to let nothing stand in your way. Blue is daring, determined and driven to succeed. It’s the color of thinkers, doers and dealmakers, 92,000 agents strong, spanning 47 countries across this big blue planet. Blue is true, and blue is beautiful. That’s why blue is the official color of the Coldwell Banker brand.


Meaningful technology and tools for the moments that matter.
We build products with agents, not for them. From marketing to prospecting and presenting, discover what Coldwell Banker technology makes possible.


We help affiliated agents sell more homes, make more money and work more efficiently. brand is a global network of over 92,000 agents spanning 47 countries, united by what is perhaps the strongest legacy in real estate.


 Advantages such as global referrals, unparalleled brand recognition, advertising campaigns and advanced tools ensure our agents have the resources needed to maximize their business. In real estate, bigger is most certainly better.


In partnership with, Coldwell Banker brand started the Homes for Dogs Project, whose mission is to find loving homes for dogs in need.  The Homes for Dogs Project has led to tens of thousands of adoptions.


Career opportunities

Across more than 40 offices in the US, career opportunities are available in investment management, development and construction, accounting, talent management and HR services, marketing, technology and business systems, training, and more.


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All real estate agents aren't the same.
Neither are all real estate companies. A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. Income directly reflects your efforts, with no limits 

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